City of Eau Claire, Wisconsin

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Community Services Director

at City of Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Pay: $53.4494 to $62.2619/hour
$53.4494 - $62.2619
Posted: 7/19/2020
Job Status: Full Time
Job Reference #: 2798761
Keywords: manager, operations

Job Description

Overall Job Objective

Job Description

Analytically creative, strong collaborator, great problem-solving skills, strong work ethic, integrity, and leadership skills. These are the qualities and attributes we are looking for in our next Community Services Director. So, if you are ready to take the next step in your municipal government career and are looking for a challenging, yet rewarding employment opportunity – the City of Eau Claire is currently seeking qualified candidates for the Community Services Director position. This position is responsible for operations and maintenance of city-wide public programs and infrastructure such as: streets, boulevards, parks, trails, cemeteries, office buildings, signs, water distribution, wastewater treatment, storm water collection, city bus services, Hobbs Ice Arena, Fairfax Pool, and recreation programs. The Community Services Director works with staff to establish departmental policies and objectives, and works towards meeting those goals and the needs of the community through effective utilization of department staff and facilities.

Candidates for this position must possess or obtain (within six months of hire) and maintain a valid Class A, B, C, and D CDL license with N endorsement and a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in business, public administration, or a field related to municipal operations (Parks, Recreation, Streets, Utilities, Transit). Preferred qualifications include: a relevant Master’s Degree; professional certifications; and at least ten years of progressively responsible municipal operations experience, including a minimum of three years of senior level municipal management and supervisory experience. 

Application open until filled, first review of applications on July 13, 2020.

This position is responsible for the administration and direction of the Community Services Department. The Community Services Department is comprised of six divisions (Streets, Utilities, Parks, Transit and Recreation) and is responsible for the operations and maintenance of city-wide public programs and infrastructure.  The role of the incumbent is to establish departmental policies and objectives and to work toward meeting such policies and objectives through effective utilization of department staff and facilities in meeting the needs of the community.  In this function, the incumbent directs and coordinates the actions of several operation areas.

The primary responsibility of this division is to provide administrative assistance to all Community Services divisions and to advise the general public on related matters.  This responsibility necessitates the development and supervision of adequate operating records and reports.  The incumbent develops an inventory system for the control of program, office, maintenance and personnel and makes periodic studies of records and reports for the improvement of services for the public.  Other areas of responsibility include:
  • Preparation of the budget, including establishing adequate budget and financial controls; supervising collection of fees and charges for services; and the solicitation of private, corporate and non-profit financial support for department operations.
  • Development and administration of the Community Services Department Capital Improvement Plan. 
  • Direction and oversight of contracted services.
  • Department liaison with other local government agencies, such as Eau Claire County, UW Eau Claire, Eau Claire Area School District, state legislators, and state and federal agencies. The incumbent shall keep department and city staff appraised of current events and issues.
  • Public information and community relations spokesperson for the department, including serving as primary information source for local and state media requests for information, news releases and press conferences.
  • Marketing department products, services and facilities to community customers. This includes pricing, distribution and advertising high quality products, services and facilities and exceeding customer expectations whenever possible.
  • Department planning and research including multiple-year department planning, operations planning and grant management. The incumbent shall work with the City Department of Community Development to coordinate planning activities.
  • Serving as department risk manager liaison with the City Risk Management Department. The incumbent shall be responsible for monitoring human and physical asset losses. The incumbent shall conduct periodic department risk/safety meetings and participate in city-wide joint safety team meetings.
  • Conducting periodic comprehensive evaluations of staff, programs, facilities and services. This information shall be used for planning and quality assurance efforts within the department.
  • Scheduling of department activities, coordinating these activities with other governmental, commercial and private agencies, selecting equipment to be utilized and determining methods of operation.
  • The incumbent, or his/her designee, serves as staff liaison for the Waterways and Parks Commission.  Obtains approvals for improvements from the Plan Commission, Waterways and Parks Commission and City Council.
  • Enforcement of all City ordinances, laws, rules and regulations relating to the operation and maintenance of all City facilities. The incumbent shall serve as the liaison to the City Police Department and assist them with the enforcement of all regulations. The Director shall be responsible for providing staff with training to assist law enforcement personnel including crime prevention, preserving crime evidence and reporting of crimes. Provides laws, rules and regulations to the public to aid in compliance.
  • Develops and administers departmental operations, ensuring the most desirable operational and policy procedures, work methods and the most efficient utilization of personnel and equipment in providing services and facilities for the municipality.
  • Directs and administers current and long-range planning for acquisition, design and development of City facilities, ensuring that such facilities meet the needs of the community and provide for the safety, enjoyment and welfare of the public.
  • Directs and supervises the daily work activities of the Community Services Business Analyst, including financial accounting, budget preparation, and submission of grant applications and administration.
Parks Division/ Forestry/Cemetery/Buildings & Grounds DivisionThe incumbent is responsible through his/her staff, for the development and maintenance of 1000 acres of parklands, playgrounds, waterways, ski areas, historical sites, beaches, and riverfronts.  Other areas of responsibility include:
  • Meeting with community groups and the general public to discuss development of park facilities and policies for usage, including preparation, supervision and approval of all plans for such operations as land acquisition, solicitation of Federal grant-in-aids, approval of design, construction and improvement of parks and recreation areas, structures and facilities and supervision of all steps to implement same. 
  • Establishing and enforcing park rules and regulations in the best interest of the general public.
  • Through his/her staff, the incumbent is also responsible for the administration and maintenance of 82 acres of cemetery lands.  This function involves:  maintenance of records on burial sites, sale of lots, digging and raising graves, maintenance of grounds and chapels and enforcement of municipal ordinances for cemeteries, administering permits and fees for burial sites and reviews cemetery ordinances and recommends changes as necessary.  He/she reviews the adequacy of cemetery provisions, directs the development of new areas for future use and determines the regulations for use of these new areas.
  • The primary function of the forestry division is the inspection, planting and maintenance of trees and shrubs for all municipal property.  This function involves:  prevention and control of diseased trees through the proper use of chemicals, planting of trees for beautification and prevention of soil erosion, maintenance of a municipal nursery, pruning, thinning, bracing and removal of trees and shrubs, watering and fertilizing new trees and shrubs, developing information bulleting on tree care, etc.
  • Through his/her staff, administering the City boulevard tree planting policy, issuing of planting permits for boulevard trees as to variety and spacing, and providing technical advice to property owners on care and maintenance of trees.  Tests and issues permits to tree trimmers operating within the municipality.
  • Directing and administering an urban forestry program using good sound established practices.
  • Providing maintenance of grounds and buildings and developing a general program and plan for administration and supervision of same.
  • Through his/her staff, oversees custodial staff in the cleaning of assigned buildings and parking ramps, develops and maintains a preventive maintenance program and associated software, for buildings and equipment including boilers, heating systems, cooling systems, air handling units, pumps, control systems, elevators, emergency generators, lighting systems, safety systems, security systems, building structures, roofs, parking lots, turf, landscaping, signage, etc. 
Recreation Division
  • Through his/her staff, the incumbent is responsible for developing and directing a broad program of year around recreational activities for all age groups and interests, including special activity instructional programs, athletic programs, playgrounds, beaches and pools, indoor ice center and special events.  Other areas of responsibility include:
  • Selecting recreational sites; fixing the length of season; hours of operation; determining the personnel required; selecting the staff and distributing the staff among the various programs and activities; providing equipment, supplies and play materials; determining rules and regulations for use of recreational facilities; and through staff, administering fees and charges for programs and services rendered.
  • Working with staff, administers the operation and maintenance of both indoor rinks at Hobbs Municipal Ice Center providing a variety of programs, activities and events.
  • Oversees the operation and maintenance of the outdoor swimming pool.  He/she is responsible for establishing operating policies, controlling expenses and revenues and recommending to the City Council any changes in fees and charges.
Streets Division
Through his/her staff, the incumbent is responsible for the administration and direction of all essential streets, appurtenances, and sewer systems, personnel and facilities. Other areas of responsibility include:
  • Maintenance and service of a municipal street system, public parking areas, bridges and appurtenances.  Considerable manpower, time and effort are expended in fulfilling responsibilities of this function.  Activities of this function include development and administration of a labor pool for manpower and equipment, inspection, construction and maintenance of streets, sidewalks, curb and gutters, construction and maintenance of flood control facilities and snow removal.
  • Management of the Central Equipment Agency, which maintains a fleet of vehicles and heavy equipment that are rented to the various operating departments of the municipality. 
  • Custodial services for many City buildings plus solid waste management techniques are provided by this division.
Utilities Division
A primary function of this division is to produce, treat, store and distribute the water supply as well as treating the wastewater for the entire municipality.  Other areas of responsibility include:
  • Through his/her staff, this division is responsible for water treatment, water distribution, wastewater collection and laboratory operations.
  • Responsible through his/her staff for the uninterruptable operation of water and wastewater treatment plant and pumping stations in accordance with Department of Natural Resources and Public Service Commission requirements.  He/she is also responsible for reviewing the adequacy and needs and designing and coordinating construction of major improvements.
  • Administers the operation of municipal water treatment and sewage treatment plants, ensuring uninterruptable, safe and sanitary operating condition of the same in accordance with State Department of Natural Resources requirements.  Administers a customer metering system and contracts with industrial contributors.
Transit Division
Through his/her staff, the incumbent directs and administers the operations of a public transit system, including fixed routes para-transit and grant management to assure the safe and reliable delivery of public transit options for the public. The Division is reliant on federal and state grants for operating and capital funds. The Division also coordinates regional services for County residents. Other areas of responsibility include:
  • Through his/her staff, this Division manages a labor contract with bus drivers and mechanics who are members of Local 1310.
  • Maintenance of the bus fleet is coordinated with and the responsibility of the Central Equipment Agency.
  • The Division is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the bus transfer center.
Maintains prompt, predictable, and regular physical attendance.
Must be able to take direction and work well with others.
Must be able to concentrate and perform accurately.
Must be able to react to change productively and handle other tasks as assigned.
Must be able to back-up fellow co-workers.

Performs related duties as required. 

A Bachelor’s Degree in business, public administration, or a field related to municipal operations (parks, recreation, streets, utilities, transit) is required. 
Preferred qualifications include a relevant Master’s Degree, professional certifications, and at least ten years of progressively responsible municipal operations experience, including a minimum of three years of senior level municipal management and supervisory experience.

Must possess or obtain (within six months of hire) and maintain a valid Class A, B, C and D CDL license with N endorsement.

City Manager


All Community Services Department employees.

Work is mostly sedentary (sitting) with occasional walking, standing and lifting less than 2 lbs. in a general office setting with a minimal presence of hazards.